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A Blog is Born: About Us

I woke up the morning of Saturday, February 11th 2017 at 5:00am, unable to sleep, as I often am when my mind is processing the events of the previous day, and I looked down at my 3 year old beside me.  Yes, that's right, I was sleeping next to my 3 year old in the spare bed on the floor in his room.  Not sleeping through the night is expected when you become a parent, but what no one ever tells you is that even when your children are older, sleeping through the night is still mostly unattainable.  Either it's the ultimate-game-of-Musical-Beds that happens every night OR it's mommy-has-too-much-on-her-mind-and-is-laying-awake-scrolling-Facebook, every night that interrupts my sleep. It's one of the joys of parenting that hasn't bypassed my house.

As I watched him deeply breathing in and out, sound asleep and oblivious to my stirring next to him, I began to contemplate his future.  Not only his personal future, but the future of his world.  His America.

I want my children's' America to provide them with all the opportunities necessary for them to succeed in life, not only in terms of wealth and prosperity, but also in terms of love and happiness.  I want their America to be a place where they don't have to worry about their family's safety.  I want their America to be a happy place.  A loving place.  A place of freedom.  A place that they can be proud to call home.  Maybe this is a Utopian dream that I imagine.  But I imagine it none-the-less.

I never used to worry about my children's futures, about their America.  You can call it blissful ignorance or you can call it an unjustified since of security, but it just wasn't something I worried about.  But something has changed.  Maybe it was the passion of the past Presidential Election cycle or maybe it's just the insecurity of where our nation is going now that we have a new president.  Or maybe it is just that as I get older I become more aware of the world around me and it's issues.  It's probably a combination of those reasons.

As I lay there that morning, looking at my sleeping child, I contemplated the intersection of current politics and my parenting.  How could I help to structure my children's exposure to these political issues a purposeful way?  How could I help them mold their individual thoughts so that they become confident and strong in their beliefs?  How can I guide them to make their own decisions about right and wrong, ethical and unethical, moral and immoral?  How can I be a Politically Correct Parent? Not Politically Correct to the "Left" or Politically Correct to the "Right", but Politically Correct to BOTH so that my children can make their own decisions, when they are mature enough, to know what path they want to follow, what path they want to live.

The Politically Correct Parent was born that morning.  In this blog, I will explore some of the many issues we face as parents and families from both a Liberal and Conservative view and I will strive to find the intersection, a place were we as parents can help are children find the truth and find their own way.
Our Family on Christmas 2016

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